Green Mind

GREEN and smart Mobility INDustry innovation

Strengthening Economic Competitiveness and Innovation of SMEs

The “Green mind-GREEN and smart Mobility INDustry innovation” project ‘s transnational challenge is the development of economic competitiveness and innovation in the Green and Smart Mobility industry, by strengthening regional and transnational cooperation between businesses, research bodies and authorities. The Green and Smart Mobility industry is an innovation sector of the MED area, it is developing fast due to technological development, but also to stricter environmental policies.

“Green mind” has the objective to strengthen the transnational activities of clusters and agencies to support SMEs systems in exploiting the market opportunities of the raising demand for Green and Smart Mobility products and services.

Green mind develops services that address three priorities to boost competitiveness that are market intelligence, public funding screening, and B2B matching.

The results of the pilot services will form the basis for creating a business model that will be applicable to other regions of the Mediterranean area and the rest of Europe. Also within the project, a transnational innovation network will be formed that will include both enterprises and public authorities, but also research and innovation organizations.

The aim of the network is to share knowledge and experience on entrepreneurship and innovation in Green and Smart Mobility and to enhance entrepreneurship at the regional level through capacity building.

In Greece, specifically, Green Mind has developed a set of pilot actions that aim at enhancing local entrepreneurship and innovation in the Green and Smart Mobility market. Companies that agree to participate in said pilot actions will be able to take advantage of opportunities to be part of collective activities that enhance their extroversion and their brand awareness.

These opportunities range from joint, subsidized participation at international business fairs and B2B matching events in Greece and abroad, to seminars dedicated to public funding openings and market understanding.

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Market Intelligence

Facing the challenges and taking advantage of the opportunities within a market, means to know how the market actually works. The Market Intelligence pilot aims at helping SMEs understand the needs of the green and smart mobility market, assess their current position within it, and re-position themselves by exploiting its needs and new openings.

B2B Matching

In business practice, finding the partner that matches your needs is always a challenging task. The B2B Matching pilot aims at developing a structure which allows SMEs to match their needs and diffuse their offerings at regional and transnational level.

Public funding screening

Limited access to finance has been identified as the most important drawback for most enterprises and especially for SMEs. The Public Funding Screening pilot aims at researching the accessible founding sources of the available EU, national and local funds and guiding SMEs in the process of applying and accessing these funds.






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