Greencities B2B 2019. Urban Intelligence and Sustainability to talk about future cities

Dates: 27-28 March 2019

Venue: Malaga, Spain

Greencities is the 10th Forum of Urban Intelligence and Sustainability for Smart Cities that will be held in Málaga. During the last edition 2018, more than 170 companies were represented with the participation of more than 3.800 professionals and 30 mayors from about 42 countries and 270 cities. During 2019, with the cooperation of the Enterprise Europe Network, these bilateral meetings will be open to enhance the technology transfer and international cooperation.
It constitutes the ‘meeting point’ of all the agents involved in Smart Cities construction. It is the forum to talk about future cities, and it´s an initiative shared among institutions, municipalities, businesses and professionals focused on the projection of sustainable and smart cities.
Project creation, personal networking, the offering of services, the sharing of experiences and the reaching of inspirations is possible on Smart Cities development. Any possibility of building a future becomes real in Greencities due to a unique opportunity of networking with all the agents implied, in an environment that helps to inspire and develop the cities of the future
-        Areas of activity:
Greencities 2019 had different forums and spaces in which the participants - institutions, municipalities, companies and professionals - were able to talk, share experiences, establish contacts and present their proposals about future cities.
1.      ICTS & Sustainability Forum: Participants: experts, institutional personalities and leaders from the smart cities sector. Objective: to discuss and share the visions and ideas that will shape the future.
2.      Elevator pitch-call for startups: Participants: businesses and startups. Objective: to share products, experiences and success cases, everything that can be offered to the future. To present new products, ideas and businesses to the market.
3.      International Greencities Congress (IGC). Participants: businesses and researches. Objective: to generate and promote knowledge. To present the latest advances in the development of smart and sustainable cities. To promote good practices.
4.      Exhibition Area. Participants: private and public businesses and institutions. Objective: to show and present products and services. To reinforce brand image.
5.      Networking. Participants: cities, public entities, businesses, professionals. Objective: to settle a meeting agenda through an on-line tool to cooperate, generate commercial agreements and set new initiatives and projects.
6.      Networking lunch. Participants: businesses, institutional and local administration officers, and professionals. Objective: to take advantage of synergies and increase the opportunities of doing networking in a friendly environment

More info: http://greencities.malaga.eu/en/