Autonomous Vehicles Summit

19-20 September 2019, Bratislava, Slovakia

The first year of the two-days international conference with Expo part AUTONOMOUS VEHICLES SUMMIT is focused on Autonomous Vehicles, that folows the trends in current digital transformation in the automotive industry 

In frame of summit shall held conferences , incl . science – technological conference, with moderated round tables panels discussions , startups stage and EXPO part that allows partners companies stand presentation Target groups of the summit Car Manufacturers and Suppliers:
- Manufacturers and Suppliers of Automotive Components (OEMs) and their Research Centers 
- technology bodies, R&D institutions- Universities / Academies 
- smart cities urbanists
- governments 
- private Firms 
- industrial Automotive Business
- investors
- startups 
- politicians
- specialists in education
- visionaries

Why to participate
Present your business proposals, future visions, ideas for product development, technologies and solutions! 
- get your problem solved 
- matching organisations seeking or offering solutions! 
- learn from experts 
- meet numerous prospective cooperation partners in TWO DAYS days and reduce the amount of time and money for finding new partners! 
- get professional support through the Enterprise Europe Network and its experts in the field of internationalisation and international technology

More info: https://www.autonomousvehiclessummit.eu/